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05 - 07 JULY 2021 | WÜRZBURG

Call for Papers (lectures and workshops)

The User Congress Connectors is the first and only event in Europe that is exclusively, practically oriented and deeply dedicated to the various topics and challenges in the use of connectors in industry, automation technology, automotive, telecom and data technology as well as medical technology.

Conference languages are German and English (simultaneous translation).

Please submit an expressive abstract of your paper (max. one A4 page), in German or English language, using the form attached below.

Key Topics 2021: 
  • PCB connectors
    • Application processes (particulars regarding SMT reflow, through-hole wave solder, pin in paste reflow)
    • Choice of reliable high-current connections to printed circuit boards (press-fit, soldering, etc.) up to 300 A
    • PCB layout for high-current applications
    • PCB gold finger concepts for card edge connectors
  • Unshielded and selectively shielded connectors for digital signals, shielding effectiveness up to 60 dB
  • Fully shielded connectors for analog signals, shielding effectiveness >80 dB
  • Single-pair Ethernet for automotive, building automation, industrial automation, process industry (APL explosion protection)
  • USB Type C trends
    • What is the reality today?
    • What are the requests from the users?
  • Challenges to be met in automotive
    • High current and high voltage
    • Termination of aluminum wires
  • Qualification according to LV214/215 and USCAR-2 in one test?
  • Failure analysis for connectors
  • Whiskers and their ramifications
  • New guidelines concerning RoHS/REACH
  • Preventing shortcomings when selecting and using connectors
  • Design of connectors, shortcomings, material selection, etc.
    • Pin tip geometry
    • Normal force, mating force, mating cycles
    • Contact plating and consideration for the system
  • International standards for connector qualification Similarities, differences, harmonization
  • Storage of connectors (How and how long can connectors be stored prior to subsequent processing without compromising reliability?)
  • 3D printing as a technique to manufacture connectors (additive manufacturing)
  • Plastic materials for overmolding and 2-component molding processes
  • Connector reliability (failure error rate, FIT rate calculation from a user’s point of view)
  • Will the digital twin concept facilitate the application of connectors?
  • Best Practice: Mating connectors with unequal contact platings (electrochemical series and corrosion)
  • New technologies
  • New Ideas?
The content of the User Congress on Connectors is accompanied by an advisory board.

This practice-oriented conference is aimed at engineers, designers, technicians and industrial engineers from electronics and device development, application technology, quality assurance, production planning, purchasing and component approval, technical and product management and distribution.

As a speaker, do you want to share your expertise with the participants? If so, please submit a presentation proposal by January 20, 2021 using the form below. Your abstract should be about 1000 characters long (no pictures) and should describe the topic of the presentation technically. Only presentations that deal with technical, technological, standardization-related or user-related aspects of the topics mentioned will be accepted. Marketing oriented contributions, association or company presentations cannot be considered.

We are looking forward to your contribution.

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