Best Practice for Connectors

Praxishandbuch Connectors

The reference book for device development and for the use of connectors with connector database in
book accompanying online service

* Our service: All participants of the seminar day receive the book on 05 July 2021.*

  The Connector Practice Guide is on
  Reference book for device development and
  for the use of connectors. Everyone
  Developers and users receive answers
  Questions about the execution, materials,
  physical fundamentals, contact surfaces,
  Shielding measures, housing mechanics and
  Locking systems. Special chapters light
  the royal disciplines of the electric
  Connectors: Power electronics on one side
  Page and high data rates on the other. Finally, further processing in the manufacturing process of electronic assemblies and basic selection criteria will be highlighted. Even though the market is very large with more than 1000 connector manufacturers, the book helps the user find the best connector for the application.

The content:

  •     What is a connector
  •     The connector components
  •     Different connection techniques
  •     The insulator materials
  •     The contact materials
  •     The contact point
  •     Various contact surfaces
  •     The contact resistance
  •     shielding
  •     The locking of the connector
  •     Housing and mechanics
  •     Why are new connectors developed?
  •     Connectors in power electronics
  •     Connectors for high data rates
  •     Further processing of the connectors in the manufacturing process
  •     The connector selection

Separately, you can purchase the practical manual connector in the Vogel Communications Group Bookstore for € 89.80 incl. VAT.

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